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5 Ways Colleges Can Combat the
Rising Cost of Student Health Care

Did you know 76% of student health insurance plans had an increase of at least 5% in 2022?1

While the rise in cost of student health care is a trend that is expected to continue, it is one that can be contained with the right approach. This guide includes actionable steps fully- and self-funded colleges and universities can take to help lower their overall health care cost

Here’s what you’ll learn from reading this guide:

  • How to collaborate with your payer or plan administrator to reduce the cost of claims
  • How to mitigate students use of costly ER visits
  • Cost saving considerations for out-of-network providers
  • A plan to get continual stakeholder feedback
  • Alternative options for international students
  • Plus, two bonus tips for self-funded schools!
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Webinar: Simple strategies for reducing the long-term costs of student healthcare

In a recent University Business ‘Ed Talk’, Wellfleet President Drew DiGiorgio shares easy-to-implement strategies for college administrators looking to lower  the financial impact of student health insurance.

Managing student healthcare can be complicated. Let us help you with cost-saving solutions. Download our guide to discover simple ways to start implementing sustainable & cost-saving solutions.

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