A pharmacy solution designed for students

With Wellfleet Rx, we’ve moved beyond the cookie-cutter approach to pharmacy care and built a solution that aligns with students’ budgets, lives, and clinical needs. This unique approach to pharmacy is an example of our commitment to improving access, lowering costs, and enhancing the healthcare experience for our members.

Inside Wellfleet's Student Pharmacy solution

We’ve developed a solution that accompanies plans from Wellfleet Student, which offer student-focused features, tools, and resources. With Wellfleet Rx and college health’s first student formulary, Wellfleet is taking control of and optimizing the experience for our student members.

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We engage and educate students and providers on the use of cost-effective medications without compromising clinical efficacy or access.

Wellfleet Rx is designed around student utilization and focused on management of drug classes heavily-utilized by the student population.

We’re continuously enhancing the solution based on market trends and drug utilization specific to conditions and symptoms students face.

We offer incentives to steer student utilization away from high-cost generics and prevent unnecessary use of brand drugs when generics deliver lower costs.

Wellfleet Rx offers more than 40 drug and device options at no cost to students, extending coverage beyond ACA preventative requirements. This includes controls to prevent opioid abuse and misuse.


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Wellfleet goes beyond the preventative requirements of the Affordable Care Act to provide student members with no-cost access to prescriptions they'll use. See the 40+ prescriptions available to Wellfleet Student members at no cost.

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