Our Student Behavioral Health Suite

As a health plan focused exclusively on college health, we’ve worked hard to find solutions to problems faced by students and client administrators. With that driving force, we’re excited about our Student Behavioral Health Suite. 

We aim to ensure student members have access to behavioral healthcare (BH) where, when, and how they need it. Our suite of solutions delivers care and support through various modalities, many of which are available at no cost to the member. Our goal is to improve access to care and drive quality outcomes.

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Inside our Student Behavioral Health Suite

Designed to make sure our student members have access to behavioral health care where, when, and how they need it, the Student Behavioral Health Suite goes beyond the traditional network with nine distinct features designed to improve access to care, quality of care, and outcomes.

Our team gathers information about services provided at each school. We navigate students to their school’s student counseling center when services are available. This Student-Centered Medical Home approach helps schools ensure that students needs are met.

Wellfleet offers robust, national behavioral health provider networks that include: 

  • Nearly 100,000 psychiatrists, PhD psychologists & APRNs, and Master’s level therapists
  • Nearly 5,000 facilities for inpatient and outpatient mental health and substance abuse care across the country

Members with the Cigna network can access an expansive national virtual network of counselors to receive personal and confidential video-based mental health and substance use care via their smartphone, tablet, or computer. In addition, as of the 2024/25 plan year, Wellfleet offers Teladoc® Behavioral Health Services, which allows students to have a video or phone visit with a licensed therapist, psychologist, or board-certified psychiatrist from the convenience of their home, dorm, or on the go at no additional cost to the student.*

*Teladoc® Health may not be available with all SHIP plans.

When out-of-network (OON) providers are utilized, Wellfleet accesses other negotiated rates with those providers and pursues other pricing strategies to seek and often deliver additional savings to members and the plan.

The Wellfleet Rx Student Formulary includes $0 copays for several commonly prescribed generic medications that treat depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Our goal is to improve access and eliminate cost as a barrier to treatment. We have educational campaigns and point-of-sale mechanisms to drive students and providers toward medication options that save students money.

Learn more about the Wellfleet Rx Student Formulary here »

CareConnect is an integrated behavioral telehealth program offering student members easy access to licensed behavioral health clinicians 24/7/365 via telephone at no cost to the student. Counselors can assist with drug abuse and alcohol-related concerns, transition/adjustment issues, stress, cultural diversity issues, eating disorders and body concerns, anger management issues, suicidal/homicidal ideations, relationship problems, and more. At the end of each call, counselors can refer to other behavioral health resources, including the school’s counseling center, to ensure the student’s ongoing needs are met.

Learn more about the CareConnect here »

Wellfleet’s student-focused Provider Relations team partners with schools to identify local providers to service members and is committed to behavioral health provider access at in-network benefits for each school’s referral list. The team can facilitate conversations with local providers and build relationships with clients in their community, helping students find proper care. In addition, Wellfleet works with providers on the credentialing process and can assist in rounding out the network by recruiting more providers.

Wellfleet offers optional Behavioral Health Case Management to members who have experienced inpatient behavioral health admissions as well as students with a variety of identified behavioral health triggers that are indicative of more complicated and severe needs. Case Management staff includes specialty nurses who have extensive experience with mental health and substance abuse conditions. To ensure members receive the right care, at the right price, and to their satisfaction, they foster a therapeutic rapport with students and collaborate with providers regularly to assess the need for other resources and support systems.

SilverCloud ® is a 24/7 service that provides self-guided, online behavioral healthcare, helping students develop skills for managing their emotions and habits at no cost to the student. It also serves as an easily accessible alternative to on- and off-campus behavioral health resources. Students can access simple-to-follow activities and tools to help sleep better, manage stress, and improve their mood.


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