Addressing behavioral health access

CareConnect from Wellfleet Student is an integrated behavioral health program offering student members easy access to licensed behavioral health clinicians 24/7/365 via telephone. It works in sync with student health centers at Wellfleet client schools and Wellfleet Student health plans — furthering our commitment to the Triple Aim and goal of empowering students to lead healthier lives.

How does it work?

Student members in need of assistance may simply call 1-888-857-5462 to be immediately connected with a counselor.

Members can also get assistance and resources by visiting the portal linked below.

CareConnect counselors will provide in-the-moment support and determine the most clinically-appropriate next step. This includes counseling, or referrals to the Student Health Center, medical provider, or emergency services.

Getting access to and navigating behavioral health issues can be challenging for students. CareConnect provides students immediate access to licensed professionals to help manage mental health & substance abuse issues.

Counselors can assist with: Drug Abuse and alcohol-related concerns, transition/adjustment issues, stress related to careers, cultural diversity issues, eating disorders and body concerns, anger management issues, suicidal/homicidal ideations, relationship problems, and more.

CareConnect works with the Student Health Center, Athletic Department, or specified on-campus resource to coordinate your care as part of Wellfleet Student’s effort to ensure you receive proper care. If referred to a medical provider, it will always be to one inside your Wellfleet Student network.

Get in touch

Whether you’re a current Wellfleet Student member, administrator, or partner — or would like to become one — contact us with any questions you have. We’ll look forward to hearing from you. 

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