binx health is partnering with Wellfleet to provide a Sexually Transmitted Infection Solution for Student Health Insurance Plans.

Because everything we do is with students in mind, we’re continuously improving our offerings. This intense focus has led us to partner with binx health — and its in-dorm or at-home self-collection with laboratory-based testing for STIs. Together with binx health, Wellfleet now empowers your on and off-campus communities to access innovative STI programs.

Helping student members better understand their health and wellness with binx everywhere

Students can self-collect samples in spaces that are safe and convenient for them.

binx everywhere helps reduce stigma, delays, and geographical barriers to testing.

Clinicians stay at the center of care, with little burden on your staff.

Remote care connects students with the health center year-round.


binx everywhere Menu for Access to Lab-Quality Diagnostics

Learn more about the menu and which PrEP-Related care can be added upon request.

  • Chlamydia/gonorrhea (single site)
  • Chlamydia/gonorrhea (triple site)
  • HIV
  • Syphilis
  • PrEP-related regular screenings
  • Trichomoniasis
  • HPV
  • Hepatitis B Virus
  • Hepatitis C Virus
  • Clinician guided programs from ordering through results
  • National logistics (shipping)
  • On-site logistics (tracking)
  • 3PL logistics (kitting)
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Integrating your clinicians for ordering and providing results (as applicable)

At-home self-collection for STIs helps increase convenience for testing, allowing the School and Student Health Center providers additional oversight, and save time and cost compared to more traditional methods of diagnostic testing.    

The student member journey with binx everywhere

Student takes health risk
assessment and selects their kit

assessment and selects their test

Clinician reviews lab order for approval

assessment and selects their test

Sample is self-collected by the student in a safe and convenient space

assessment and selects their test

Sample sent to partner reference lab via prepaid envelope

assessment and selects their test

Results delivered, and clinician prescribes treatment, if appropriate

assessment and selects their test

How It Works

  1. binx can provide two types of tests to Wellfleet student health insurance plans/students: Bulk Delivery/Individual Return OR Individual Delivery/Individual Return. STI kits and processing of kits are available to student health insurance plans at the rates agreed to between Wellfleet and binx.
  2. Self-collection kits will only be provided to students who are currently covered under a Wellfleet student health insurance plan and with whom binx entered into an agreement to provide the services.
  3. If a Wellfleet client school elects to use a binx everywhere program, binx will execute a Testing Service Order Agreement directly with the school. Wellfleet will work with the schools/plans who elect binx services to establish data transfer of member eligibility to be used when the member registers in the binx portal.
  4. The school or student will request a self-collection kit, register the kit in the binx portal and return the sample directly to binx with prepaid shipping and postage. The sample will be processed by a binx lab. Test results will be available to the student in the binx portal. If the student completes the HIPAA waiver when registering the kit, the results may also be shared with the school or an authorized representative designated by the student.
  5. binx will invoice Wellfleet for the shipment of the test kit and then will submit a claim to Wellfleet for the processing of the kit which will be processed under the school’s benefit plan.

Wellfleet looks forward to the opportunity to partner with you to provide this at-home testing solution to your students. Complete and submit the below form and a Wellfleet Representative will contact you. 

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