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“Working with Wellfleet has been an outstanding experience.  The staff is easily accessible, helpful, and quick to respond to any questions or issues we have.  Our student’s medical bills have been paid in a timely fashion, and processing claims has been easy.  I would highly recommend them to any other University who is looking for a capable insurance provider.”

University of Massachusetts Amherst

“She went out of her way to help me navigate my insurance plan and make changes to the insurance plan. She was friendly, knowledgeable and patient! Not only did she make the process painless, but she continued to follow up with me later to make sure everything went well. “

Wellfleet Insurer 


“Wellfleet has done a wonderful job working with the complex needs of Vermont State Colleges especially since it involves working with 4 separate college locations/staff and student populations. The staff at Wellfleet have great customer service representatives and in turn that supports the VSC commitment of excellent service for our students.”

Vermont State Colleges

"The Customer service department is knowledgeable and smart!"
"They are always answering my request promptly, I am very happy because, I can help the students in a timely manner."
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"I received a call from UVM stating you were a great help with a claims issue. They stated you were professional and nice. They stated you were able to answer all their questions in a timely manner."
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