On-Demand Mental Health & Wellbeing for Wellfleet Student Members with SilverCloud

SilverCloud is a 24/7 service that provides self-guided, online behavioral healthcare, helping students develop skills for managing their emotions and habits. It also serves as an easily accessible alternative to on- and off-campus behavioral health resources. 

Helping you with your mental health and wellness needs at no additional cost, anywhere, anytime.
“I felt supported by my coach throughout the program and loved that I could use it on my phone when I needed to. I still track my mood and practice what I learned to feel better” -- SilverCloud user

SilverCloud helps with personalized behavioral health support for:

Learn to change anxious thoughts and feel better

Manage feelings of pain and sadness

Find out how to handle stress and build strength

Sleep Issues
Learn how to fall asleep faster & stay asleep with healthy habits

Get started in 3 simple steps on mobile or desktop today!

1. Create Express Scripts account

Members can click here and log in. You will be directed to an Express Scripts site. SilverCloud is hosted through Express Scripts.

2. Login and retrieve access code

Retrieve your access code from the Health Solutions tab and click on the SilverCloud link. 

3. Begin program

Take the Wellbeing Assessment and begin program.


Frequently Asked Questions

SilverCloud is Wellfleet Student’s solution to providing members with self-guided, on-demand access to behavioral health care and wellbeing support.  

With SilverCloud, you can access simple-to-follow activities and tools to help sleep better, manage stress, and improve your mood within 5 minutes. 

You can get started in 3 simple steps using your computer, tablet, or phone.  

  1. Request access  
  2. Take the wellbeing assessment  
  3. Begin program   

After answering some simple questions, you’re provided with an action plan to help overcome your issues. The program includes an online coach who delivers personalized behavioral health support with in-app feedback and motivation to continue the path to treatment. Modules can last 5-10 weeks and include maintenance programs post-treatment.  

Unlike the other solutions offered, SilverCloud does not require interaction with a provider –you can manage your conditions on your own time in the privacy of your dorm, apartment, or home between classes and other commitments.  

If a member does not have a login they can register by clicking the register now button on the login screen or by visiting www.express-scripts.com and clicking on “register”.

SilverCloud is hosted through Express Scripts, one of our vendors. To access solutions through SilverCloud members must log in to Express Scripts first and obtain their access code. 

Register for SilverCloud® by Amwell® today, and start your journey toward a happier, healthier you!

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