Digital, On-Demand Mental Health & Wellbeing for Wellfleet SHIP Members with SilverCloud

SilverCloud is a 24/7 service that provides self-guided, online behavioral healthcare, helping students develop skills for managing their emotions and habits. It also serves as an easily accessible alternative to on- and off-campus behavioral health resources.

Help students cope with their behavioral health challenges at no additional cost to Wellfleet Student members1

SilverCloud helps with personalized behavioral health support for:

Learn to change anxious thoughts and feel better

Manage feelings of pain and sadness

Find out how to handle stress and build strength

Sleep Issues
Learn how to fall asleep faster & stay asleep with healthy habits

Students can get started in 3 simple steps!

1. Request Access

2. Take the Wellbeing Assessment

3. Begin Program


Frequently Asked Questions

SilverCloud is Wellfleet Student’s solution to providing members with self-guided, on-demand access to behavioral health care and wellbeing support. Unlike the other solutions offered under the Wellfleet Student Behavioral Health Suite, SilverCloud does not require interaction with a provider –members can manage their conditions on their own time in the privacy of their dorm, apartment, or home between classes and their other commitments.  

SilverCloud is not replacing any existing solutions. This solution is an alternative to our CareConnect behavioral health hotline, which is primarily offered for urgent needs when a student needs to talk to a counselor. In addition, it is an alternative to in-person Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and offers the same strategies as CBT led by a therapist. 

Students can be on their way to self-help within 5 minutes!  

With SilverCloud, students can access simple-to-follow activities and tools to help them sleep better, manage stress, and improve their mood. 

Students can get started in 3 simple steps using their computer, tablet, or phone. 

  1. Request access 
  2. Take the wellbeing assessment 
  3. Begin program  

After answering some simple questions, the student is provided with an action plan to help overcome their issues. The program includes an online coach who delivers personalized behavioral health support with in-app feedback and motivation to continue the path to treatment. Modules can last 5-10 weeks and include maintenance programs post-treatment. 

How can you get started?

Wellfleet is offering SilverCloud as an optional program for schools that elect our SHIP plans at no cost to schools and students. However, schools must conduct three promotional activities listed below to qualify for SilverCloud at no cost.1

  1. Deliver a welcome email or text to all members enrolled in the SHIP plan or allow Wellfleet to send this communication.2
  2. Provide information about the SilverCloud program on the school’s student health center page.
  3. Provide student members access to a Wellfleet-SilverCloud FAQ flyer at the Student Health Center or campus center.
  4. Participate in Wellfleet surveys and receive the Wellfleet newsletter.

Get your school started with SilverCloud from Wellfleet 

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