New Narcan® generics impact to Wellfleet Rx Student Formulary

With the availability of new generic versions of naloxone nasal spray, Wellfleet Rx members are urged to discuss manufacturer options with their prescribers and pharmacy to ensure they receive naloxone nasal spray at a $0 copay.

Recently, Teva® announced the release of the first true generic of Narcan® (naloxone) Nasal Spray. Also, Sandoz® announced the release of an authorized generic version of Narcan®.

Currently, eligible Wellfleet Rx members are entitled to one fill of naloxone products at no cost with subsequent refills at their normal copay.1 Those products include, Narcan 4mg Nasal Spray, naloxone 2mg auto-injector, naloxone 0.4mg/ml vial, and naloxone 2mg/2ml syringe.

In light of recent news, Teva® and Sandoz® naloxone nasal spray generics have been added to the Wellfleet Rx Student Formulary at a tier 3 copay and are being reviewed for utilization recommendations and long-term tier placement.

With the new generics at tier 3, current Wellfleet Student Rx members are advised to discuss naloxone nasal spray manufacturer options with their prescriber and pharmacy to ensure they are receiving naloxone at $0 copay. If members and their provider decide on brand Narcan as the option of choice, the prescriber must notate on the prescription to ‘Dispense as Written’ in order to ensure $0 copay.

“The generics were added to ensure students could have access if needed, but we need to review more data to identify the best options moving forward,” said Jennifer Stevens, Wellfleet’s Director of Clinical Programs. “We’ll continue to assess coverage of the naloxone products, with the goal of providing the most clinically appropriate, financially beneficial offering for our members.”

Authorized generics are almost identical to the brand name drug, with respect to manufacturing processes, inactive ingredients, taste and smell and they are approved for use under the same FDA drug approval as the brand name counterpart. They are also required to prove that the active ingredient is the same as the brand name and that the therapeutic effect will be the same.

If you have questions on these products, please direct them to [email protected] or view our complete list of drugs available Wellfleet Student members at no cost.

1Wellfleet Rx coverage varies by school. Visit your schools page or contact customer service to verify your schools’ formulary coverage.

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