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Wellfleet Student health insurance plan goes further: How we helped a student with depression

As the only student health insurance plan created specifically for students, Wellfleet Student focuses on providing individualized care that meets students’ needs.  We understand that for success in the classroom and on campus, students need to be mentally and emotionally well. That’s why we make sure our members can access high-quality, convenient behavioral healthcare that fits their needs.

When our student members need additional support, we’ll move mountains to help them get what they need. Read on to learn how our team went above and beyond to help a student access the behavioral healthcare they needed.

The case study: Battling major depression

One of our student members was dealing with major depression, a mental health condition that can be characterized by several symptoms, including:

Depression is highly prevalent across the world, affecting about 280 million people worldwide, including 5% of adults.2 In the U.S., 8.4% of the adult population has experienced at least one episode of major depression.3 Suicide, one of the risks of major depression, is the fourth highest cause of death for those between the ages of 15 and 29.2

The symptoms of major depression have the potential to be challenging and severe, and the student in this case was struggling enough that a residential treatment facility became the best option. At these facilities, patients can receive daily therapy and support, with the goal of stabilizing and transitioning back home with outpatient care.

Approving an extended stay

The Wellfleet Student member received approval to enter a residential treatment facility for depression. However, they had only been approved by insurance to stay for a few weeks. As the day they were to be discharged drew closer, the student’s parent as well as the campus psychiatrist believed the student would benefit from a longer stay.

The student’s college and Wellfleet approved the extension, which meant there needed to be an override for the student to stay. This is where the hard work of communicating this decision to the facility began. We attempted to contact the facility to communicate our approval. However, we ran across several roadblocks in this process — including several unreturned messages, long holds, and misinformation. Refusing to give up, our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Barrie Baker, jumped in and began reaching out to the facility to ensure that the extended stay would be covered for this student.

“Our team is truly invested in our student members,” Dr. Baker said. “We are in the business of saving and improving lives, and we work hard to make that happen every day.”

Denying the student’s request for an extension didn’t sit well with us, so we made sure they got the care they needed. At Wellfleet, we have a strong commitment to our partner schools, and believe in doing what’s right for our student members.

Mental health resources with Wellfleet

Because we believe mental wellness plays such a major role in a successful student life, Wellfleet Student Health Insurance plans offer comprehensive behavioral health resources for our student members.

Students have access to in-person and telehealth visits with an expansive network of behavioral healthcare providers across the country. Additionally, Wellfleet Student insurance plan may provide other behavioral health resources, such as:

Not only does the Wellfleet team ensure our students can access the providers and programs they need, but our Wellfleet Rx pharmacy solutions are tailored to the mental health needs of students. Our formularies include low or $0.00 copay options for managing the mental health concerns most relevant to students, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Substance use disorder

Create a health plan built for your students

Now that you know about Wellfleet’s dedication to caring for our student members, learn more about our student behavioral health suite and next-level case management.  


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