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When it comes to health, students couldn’t be more different than the general population. And, as the college-aged population’s wants and needs change over time, students need care that evolves with them. But many student health plans are carbon copies of insurance carriers’ commercial plans, leaving students to wonder why they’re paying for coverage that doesn’t suit their lives.

That’s why Wellfleet is hyper-focused on delivering member satisfaction through clinical programs designed to improve access to care, lower costs of prescription drugs, and enhance student experience and success. 

We achieve this through an intense commitment to the Triple Aim, ensuring our student members receive the right care, at the right price, and to their satisfaction.

Review your needs by connecting with a member of our sales team today. Our expert team member will walk you through Wellfleet’s student health offerings and discuss the many ways our programs and features can positively impact your plan and university.


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