Wellfleet Student Overview

As a health plan focused exclusively on college health, we’ve worked hard to find solutions to problems faced by students and client administrators.

For a better understanding of what we mean by being a student-focused carrier, download our Wellfleet Student Overview slide deck. The presentation includes:

  • A deep dive into the value we provide & how we differ from other carriers
  • How student-focused products can help enhance the service you offer to your clients
  • New additions to our product lineup, including Global & Travel Benefits
  • Regulatory changes and how they impact student health — and our products
  • Our approach to gene therapy and high-cost procedures
  • And, much more!
Thank you for your interest in Wellfleet Student. Please use the download form below to access the resource. If you’d like to connect directly with one of our sales reps, click here.

Presentation Download Form

Download the presentation for detailed information around our offerings, case studies, resources, and more.

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