Addressing college students’ Behavioral Health needs

College life can be incredibly stressful, and students often face significant challenges that impact their mental well-being. Academic pressure, financial concerns, social isolation, and the transition to independent living are just a few factors that can contribute to stress and anxiety among college students. Despite these challenges, many students do not seek out behavioral health resources when they need support.

Research has shown that college students experience high levels of stress and anxiety. According to a 2023 American Campus Communities survey, nearly two-thirds of college students reported overwhelming anxiety in the past year. Additionally, a significant number of students struggle with feelings of depression and hopelessness, which can significantly impact their academic performance and overall well-being.1

Barriers to Seeking Behavioral Health Support

Despite the prevalence of mental health challenges among college students, many do not seek out professional help. Various factors contribute to this trend, including stigma surrounding mental health, lack of awareness about available resources, concerns about confidentiality, and the perception that seeking help is a sign of weakness. As a result, students may resort to unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as substance abuse, rather than accessing the support they need.

Providing Comprehensive Behavioral Health Solutions for Students

Recognizing the need for accessible and student-focused behavioral health support, Wellfleet has developed the Student Behavioral Health Suite. This program is designed to address the unique behavioral health needs of college students and provide them with convenient access to care, regardless of their location.

We understand the importance of supporting students’ mental well-being and have tailored our program to meet their specific needs. By offering a range of services and resources, including a national virtual network and 24/7 urgent tele-counseling, we aim to bridge the gap between students and essential behavioral health support.

The benefits of the Complete Behavioral Health Solution

  1. Cigna network – Coverage needs to be easily accessible. That is why we have partnered with the Cigna network. Student members will have access to more than 43,000 virtual counselors nationwide in video-based telehealth services.
  2. Student-focused formulary – Student members can take advantage of our proprietary Student Formulary. This was created with the unique needs of students in mind. The plan was designed to incentivize students and educate providers to choose the right drugs that offers similar efficacy but at an affordable cost. A major benefit of the formulary is that student members can acquire the most frequently prescribed anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, and bipolar drugs at a $0.00 co-pay.
  3. CareConnect – Unfortunately, 39 percent of students will experience a mental health crisis in college. For that reason, we have included CareConnect in our Student Behavioral Health Suite. This exclusive feature provides student members easy access to licensed behavioral health clinicians 24/7, 365 days a year. Most importantly, this plan feature works in conjunction with student health centers at Wellfleet client schools to ensure appropriate care is administered.
  4. Provider relations – We understand that our clients and members have existing relationships and preferred providers. That is why our student-focused Provider Relations team partners with client schools to identify local and virtual providers to service members, helping students find proper care. Further, Wellfleet is committed to assuring that 100 percent of counselors a client refers are included in their preferred tier of benefits.
  5. Student-focused case management – All participating student members will have expert Student Behavioral Health Case Management, which helps improve outcomes for any student member who has experienced inpatient behavioral health admission as well as those who have received a variety of identified behavioral health diagnoses.

Providing the right care

We strongly believe in the Triple Aim – providing the right care at the right cost with member satisfaction. That is why we want all students to have ease of access to the mental health care they need.

Find out how Wellfleet’s Student Behavioral Health Suite program can help provide relief for schools and students alike.


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